Main research topics of our group:
  • Computer Graphics and Image Processing 

o    computer vision and graphics

o    object recognition (soft computing)

  • Optimization Theory and Technique

o    scheduling theory and practice

o    optimization and control in discrete manufacturing processes

o     JIT systems, theory and algorithms for engineering

o     operations research applications in automation

  • Digital Components and Devices

o    digital signal processing

o    computer architecture

o    mobile devices

  • Internet Engineering an Data Mining

o    e-learning

o    medical data processing

o    soft-computing methods

o    multi-agents systems

  • Modelling and Simulation of Information Systems

o    dependability and functional analysis of complex systems by simulation and modelling

o    monitoring of Complex Systems

  • Analysis and Management of Transport Systems

o    dependability and functional analysis

o    location of a moving vehicle on the basis of sound information

  • Wireless sensor networks for environment monitoring

o    wireless telecommunication systems

o    wireless sensor networks

  • Software engineering

o    artificial Intelligence

   methods and expert systems

o    natural language processing